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Welcome to the
Budgerigar Council of Tasmania
Web Site for 2019

Message from the President

The Budgerigar Council is the ruling body for Tasmania and is made up from three clubs located within the State.  The clubs being:

  • Tasmanian Budgerigar Society (Est. 1933) based in Hobart
    Secretary:  Craig Foster
    - Email:  [email protected]

  • Northern Tasmanian Budgerigar Society (Est. 1935) based in Launceston.
    Secretary:   Noel Kerr - Email: 
    [email protected]

  • Coastal Budgerigar Society (Est. 1974) based in Devonport.
    Secretary:  Catherine Charlesworth - Email:  [email protected]

Welcome to the BCT Web Site for 2019, which has been the source of a variety of information of the budgerigar fancy for many years.

I encourage you to visit ‘BCT Library’ section which contains articles, pictures, survey results, and other information relating to budgerigars.

The 3 clubs within Tasmania welcome all enquiries from members of the public wishing to join a club in their area, or maybe just seeking information. Email addresses for the clubs provided above.

The year 2019 will bring about the end of our 3 year trial, on where the Future Champions Shows are best placed for all the Novice and Intermediate breeders. For the past 2 years from around Tasmania, this show was incorporated into the three clubs summer shows, on a rotating basis 2017 NTBS, 2018 TBS, 2019 Coastal. Two date the trial has been a success. After the Coastal club’s show in February the Council will do a review of the last 3 years, this will include a survey of all exhibitors so the BCT is best placed on the success of this trial. After this has been completed Council will take the recommendation to the 2019 AGM.

The trial was brought about by the Novice and Intermediate exhibitors requesting the BCT do something to reduce the burden of having four shows in a five week period. It also means the show will once again be staged in all three of the State Zones. We also believe that it should lead to greater numbers of birds in these two divisions which has been the case to date. This also should result in more qualifying shows, and greater movement of exhibitors moving up in show status.

The BCT and associated societies have many shows, sales, auctions etc., around the state throughout the year, so please visit the 'Schedule Book 2019' page for dates in 2019. This page also has downloads for BCT ring order and show entry forms.

‘Enjoy’ the Budgerigar Council of Tasmania’s Website.

Jim Fletcher
Budgerigar Council Tasmania


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